Travel & Run. How I started this website to share what I like doing most.

Thanks for joining me I started this website to share learnings, practical tips and lessons learned while enjoying my two biggest hobbies: traveling and running. They are great just on their own, but often even better combined.

Traveling the world for work and leisure, I often pack my running shoes in my bag. I like running.  It helps me relax, think and just be present in the moment. It doesn’t matter how fast I run, although I do also like the energy of running a race. Since I started running in 2010, I have run a lot of races, mostly half marathons and 10k races.

For my third half marathon, I chose to travel to and run in Berlin. This experience was one I’ll never forget. Passing underneath the famous Brandenburg Gate, I realized that races don’t have to  always be the close to home and that running and sightseeing can be easily combined. Don’t limit yourself to running the same old boring race in your hometown just because it’s convenient.

Get out of your comfort zone. Travel, Run and explore!